Les Recomendamos / We Recommend: Sally Dennison

Les recomendamos el trabajo de la fotógrafa americana, Sally Dennison, quien nos muestra su serie "without a shadow" en la que se autoretrata y luego manipula las images para cambiarlas físicamente.

We recommend the work of American photographer, Sally Dennison, who shows some images of her series "without a shadow" in which she portrays herself and later alters the image digitally to create a new identity.

Encubrimientos PhotoEspaña

La Fototeca felicita a los fotógrafos guatemaltecos, Andrea Aragón y Andres Asturias por su participación en la exhibición Encubrimientos la cual se llevó a cabo en Madrid durante PhotoEspaña 2010.

La Fototeca would like to congratulate Guatemalan photographers, Andrea Aragón and Andres Asturias for being part of the exhibition Encubrimientos which took place in the city of Madrid during the PhotoEspaña Festival 2010.

FotoWeek DC Open Call

The 2010 FotoWeek DC International Awards Competition has just launched and is looking for your best work!

Entries may be made in 12 different photography categories, for both Single Image and Series, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd cash prizes being awarded. In addition, there is a special category called Spirit of Washington, with a cash prize of $5,000, which recognizes images that capture the essence of Washington in all its forms.

To enter, click HERE to submit your images today.

We look forward to seeing your work today! The final deadline is on September 20, 2010 and the work will then be viewed by our incredible panel of judges, including Jean-Francois Leroy, Founder of of the Visa Pour L'Image photojournalism festival in Perpignan, France, David Scull of the New York Times, Nick Nichols of National Geographic and Jose Azel of Aurora Images, just to name a few.

Les Recomendamos / We Recommend: Hector Guerrero

Les recomendamos el trabajo del fotógrafo mexicano, Hector Guerrero quien nos muestra una imagenes de trabajo documental sobre Guadalajara, su ciudad natal.
We recommend the work of mexican photographer, Hector Guerrero who shows some images of his documentary work about his natal city, Guadalajara.