FotoVisura Grant Winners

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and THE WINNERS ARE.........


* When the Spirit Moves by Justin Maxon (1st Prize Winner)
* The Urban Cave by Andrea Star Reese (2nd Prize)
* Falling Into Place Patricia Lay Dorsey (3rd Prize)


* 893-Yakuza by Anton Kusters
* SUNSHINE & NOIR: Los Angeles by Thomas Michael Alleman


* (in no particular order)
* The Mathematician by Julia Cybularz
* When the Water Ends by Evan Abramson
* Cuba 1959: The Second Front by Alinka Echeverria
* Yonkeros by Jaime Permuth
* FISNIK by Guido Gazzillii
* Carry me Ohio By Matt Eich/LUCEO
* Isolation, Vulnerability and Courage by Tiana Markova-Gold
* A good day without hope by Carsten Snejbjerg
* Every woman counts by Wendy Marijnissen
* Animalies by Krzysztof Wladyka
* Life on the Tracks by Katie Orlinsky
* Stay with me by Maximiliano Braun
* Cheyenne River by Emily Schiffer
* Underage by OhmPhotography
* Grant Submission by Collin LaFleche
* In-Land, Out-Cast by Olivier Pin-Fat
* A Future, Divided by Lianne Milton
* Under Wraps by Loren Nelson
* The Downs at Albuquerque by Ellen Rennard
* Requiem for freedom by Masud Alam Liton
* Vivre le Tap-Tap by Jordi Cohen

and THE WINNERS ARE.........


* The Study of Kin by Marcia Michael (1st Prize Winner)
* Fifteen by Ilana Panich-Linsman (2nd Prize)
* Urban Quilombo by Sebastian Liste (3rd Prize)


* Grace by Susan Falzone
* I don't sleep Alone by Akshay Mahajan


* Adrift by Brad Vest
* Flood by Mateusz Sarello
* Extracted Dreams by Andrea Morales

FotoVisura congratulates every single one of the participating artists in the 2010 FotoVisura Grant! The 2010 Grant is made possible thanks to the support of Rovers North, and the inkind support of Beth Schiffer Pro Photo Lab, L2 Fine Art Mounting and Framing, The Lucie Foundation, and La Fototeca Guatemala.

The FotoVisura Grant is honored to announce this year's panel of Judges for each category:

The FotoVisura Award for Outstanding Personal Photography Project
Larry Fink, Photographer, BARD Professor of Photography
James Estrin, Co-Editor, New York Times Lens Blog and Senior Staff Photographer
Lauren Heinz, Editor, Foto 8 and 8 Magazine
Adriana Teresa, Publisher/Creative Director, Visura Magazine

The Spotlight Award for Outstanding Student Photography Project
Henry Horenstein, Photographer, Author, RISD Professor of Photography
Larry Fink, Photographer, BARD Professor of Photography
Claire O’Neill, Editor, NPR’s Picture Show blog
Lauren Schneiderman, Editor, Visura Spotlight

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